John Steinbeck is Salinas, California's most famous native son. NASCAR's Ernie Irvan is second, then, for we are nothing if not diversified here, probably football's Joe Kapp, or motorcycle champ Doug Chandler. I used to be in the running for maybe fifth til Monty Roberts published The Man Who Listens To Horses, and Everett Alvarez (first fly-guy POW in Viet Nam) had the new high school named after him, at which times I was cast down accordingly.


    This part of lh.com is pretty much a site-within-a-site. There are links to the performers in the associated show--a very pet project of mine--to the lyrics of 10 of its songs, and to our hero himself. But first, a word of explanation from the PR Dept.




    Heaven.jpg (38858 bytes)"Steinbeck Country" is a Musi-Drama created for a Salinas Steinbeck Center birthday party in February, 1994. It grew from the friendship and professional alliance of singer/songsmith Larry Hosford, and actor/poet Taelen Thomas--one that began at an annual birthday extravaganza four years earlier at Kalisa's, a former John Steinbeck haunt on Cannery Row.


    For the "Steinbeck Country" show Hosford has composed many new songs, most with Steinbeck titles, and integrated them with Thomas' well-honed one-man show wherein he portrays the writer in his pre-war days. Hosford's quartet plays a few tunes, introduces "Steinbeck", then pops in and out at appropriate points in the chronological narrative with more music.


    The Peninsula.jpg (29893 bytes)Hosford, also a Salinas native, is a well known veteran of west coast music circles. Formerly an artist with Warner Brothers Records, and Leon Russell's now defunct Shelter Records, he currently heads up an excellent string band boasting some of the finest musicians in the Monterey Bay area.


    Thomas, a Michigan native and long a resident of Carmel, is a popular peninsula figure, having for some years performed there his unique history shows to a burgeoning host of admirers. Often basing his clever work on arcane, unsung heroes, his 1930s Steinbeck treats with one of his more illustrious characters, both here and around the world.


    Carmel Valley Vineyards.jpg (12138 bytes)"Steinbeck Country", as enthusiastically received at Salinas' Western Stage Theater, Monterey's Doubletree Hotel, the Pacific Grove Art Center, the 1995 Cannery Row Foundation birthday party at the Monterey Convention Center, the Wharf Theatre, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the convention of the 50 Chief Justices of the Supreme Courts of the United States at the Hyatt Regency, and Palookavillle in Santa Cruz, is often humorous, always insightful, and naturally, never at a loss for words




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