Our show, Steinbeck Country, set in 1939, has been recorded by Dino Airale, the same fine fellow who produced my LPs for Shelter Records.  It requires but a little this and that to be CD ready. Snow White, Taelen, Dino, Larry.JPG (154451 bytes) However, there have been a loooong series of delays in obtaining clearances for the Steinbeck material we use in conjunction with the tunes.  Those representing John's estate are very concerned about compromising his dignity, and we do after all, present him as the late-night, literary alley cat type he was when he was "ours" in Steinbeck country--before he was by the world away from his world, made dignified.  Also, we dress up like Okies, Paisanos, and bums, and we play music with crude stringed instruments.  Not too dignified.  What would John say?


    Me, I love everybody.  Hopefully, all will resolve itself nicely in this area, a CD will be released, and the following song lyrics will one day ring upon your ears as well as your eyes.  In the meantime, I will put them up here for you to assess as you may.




1. Defense Of Fort M'Henry

2. Native Son #1

3. The Red Pony

4. Tortilla Flat

5. Ai, Ai, Paisano

6. Of Mice And Men

7. About Ed Ricketts

8. The Grapes Of Wrath

9.  East Of Eden

10. Cannery Row




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