Doc.jpg (16802 bytes)Doc, "Don't call him Doc", Ricketts, a marine biologist by trade, was, of course, John Steinbeck's biggest guru.  In matters scientific, philosophical, or lascivious, everyone agrees that Don't call him Doc was the coolest guy goin' on the Row.  I think so myself, if only because he was one of the very first Americans to loudly espouse the concepts of good ecology.


    Docs Lab.jpg (45624 bytes)Steinbeck "borrowed" from  Doc's thoughts on a variety of subjects, some say, to the point of parrotry.  That's probably so; he quite flagrantly admired him.  Perhaps John would cop to idolatry.  They were also carousing pals, and though these days the Ricketts family and admirers (Steinnie's too, for that matter) might wish to downplay his more hedonistic traits, this is not to be forgotten.  I say what they did had a lot to do with how they thought.  At any rate, that is the side of Doc Ricketts of which I herein sing.


    I love this pic of me and my troupers at Doc's lab.  This is where it all went down, good, bad, and ugly, and it has been my good hap to party up a few memorable occasions there too.  At any rate, I think I would have gotten along with this guy pretty well myself, and not because I am a scientist.






Larry Hosford


About Ed Ricketts a man might say,

He lived his life like a holiday, hey,

Or a birthday, sir, or a very long Saturday night.


About Ed Ricketts a man might think,

He had a way with a dame and a drink,

And if that's what he thought, Buddy he'd a-got it right.


Eddie Ricketts fare thee well, goodbye and toodle-oo,

You knew a thing or two, you old sly dogger you,

Eddie Ricketts fare thee well, you old philosopher,

You all night gossiper, just like Larry Hos-a-fer.


About Ed Ricketts a man might say,

He lived very well, but he died anyway,

And just like my song, not very long did he stay.




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