Posters Of Olde


Jim Phillips is the highly regarded Santa Cruz artist who designed and executed the graphics for my latest CD, "Windjammin'". He did it for my third one, "Right On Time", as well. Flyers, ads, posters, what-not, he has come up with a lot of fine material for me.


I've known Jimmy for years and am a major admirer, as all who see it are, of his work. Below are a few pieces he did for various shows I played 'round and 'bout the area in the '70's. Click 'em, and stand back!




BC Theatre.gif (362626 bytes)  Boulder Creek Theatre 1977


Catalyst.jpg (41490 bytes)                                                                                     Catalyst 1976








Backroom.jpg (50593 bytes)  Back Room 1978


KUSP.jpg (46074 bytes)                                                                       Civic Auditorium 1976















GT.jpg (38006 bytes)  Good Times 1983



Home Run Willie.JPG (60625 bytes)                                                                   Home Run Willie 1977












Well, I suspect you by now get the point: this guy is a whiz. But he's not all cartoon art. For your viewing pleasure and plain old general amazement, click his name here for more posters and art by Jim Phillips



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