Here we have a look at the songs on my various albums (I still call them albums). Well, a look at the titles. The song titles. This should be very pleasant for folks who like looking at, y'know ... song titles.

One of these days, when I decide a guy in my biz should know how sound files work, I'll get some sound bites going; til then, eyes may feast where ears must famish.





  1. Long Distance Kisses

 2. The King Takes the Queen

 3. Singers And Dancers

 4. Long Line To Chicago

 5. Everything's Broken Down

 6. Ode To a Broken Coleus

 7. Red, Right, And Blue

 8. The Month Of May

 9. The 1 To 10 Scale

10. Wimmin's Got Me Swimmin'

11. Taking Applications

12. The Easter Song




       "aka LORENZO"       


 1. Why I Spend So Much Time In The Bars

 2. If I Could Talk As Fast As  Think

 3. Direct Me

 4. Crossword Puzzle #1

 5. Wishing I Could

 6. Loving You, Like I Do

 7. Crossword Puzzle #2

 8. Last Chance Romance

 9. Nobody Remembers The Losers

10. She Went Back Home To Her Momma

11. Crossword Puzzle #3

12. 50% Of The Blame

13. The World Outside

14. Crossword Puzzle #4



  1. Ode To A Fallen Star

 2. Lefty's Lover

 3. Cry, Cry, Baby

 4. Look To Me

 5. Spit In The Devil's Eye

 6. Homerun Willie

 7. Bozo's Loose

 8. Black And Blue Heart

 9. Streetlight Lady









 1. Windjammin'

 2. Pardon Me

 3. Ghost Mountain Riders

 4. Gift Wrap

 5. Come Down Jehovah

 6. Strolling The Strand

 7. My Home's A Little Haven

 8. Beautiful You

 9. Just Wanna Boogie Woogie

10. Rio Del Mar

11. Yolanda

12. I Must Have Been Mistaken

13. Til The Well Runs Dry





"Windjammin'" is temporarily out of stock.


 1. High On Livin'

 2. Talk Is Cheap

 3. Dateline: Stateline

 4. Ben Henry

 5. Susie

 6. My New Song

 7. Shade Tree Fix-It Man

 8. Cowboys And Incas

 9. February Weather

10. Alla En El Rancho Grande 

11. I Just Want To Dance With You

12. Starving Heart

13. Highballin'

14. Hitchhiking In Guyana

                                             15. Salinas

        "HIGH ON LIVIN'"


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Larry Hosford

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