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KPIG Radio  Plays Lots Of LH Music

The best "Americana" station on the planet.


Sisyphus Tracks  Music To Roll Your Stone By

This is Mike Westerfield's super-esoteric, never-ending, not-exactly-Americana web station in Nashville. Heavy on Townes Van Zandt, Hank Snow, and other 20th century prophets. Though Mike doesn't seem to know that ending one's slogan with a preposition is a dubious move, his site is philosophically correct in every way.


Segway City  Larry Monroe's Homepage

Principally with KUT public radio at the U of T in Austin, Larry has over the years become nearly as germane to Texas Music as Bob Wills.


Freight Train Boogie  All-Purpose Twang

Bill Frater's Americana site from Santa Rosa, California. Bill does it all, does it well, and does it with a good attitude. Highly cool.


Ghost Mountain Riders  Scoots With A View

I have some pals in this MC, and included a song I was inspired to write by them and their part of the world on my CD, "Windjammin'". Click 'em up and enter if you dare...


Bill Laymon  Bassman Deluxe

Bill has been a pal for many a year what with the both of us so eternally in and about the Santa Cruz music zone as we are. He's a fine fella and musician, and you might be surprised at the company he keeps. Check 'im out.


Snazzy Americana Music Mercantile  Cyber-Shopping Center

Sleepy John Sandidge's Concerts & Goodies cyber-store in Santa Cruz.


About Townes  Townes Van Zandt E-Group

Seems a likely time to put this URL up. If you are a TVZ devotee, or would like to quickly become one, 'tis here you will find your birds of a feather.


Camp Buckman  Potpourri

This multi-trippy site belongs to my cyber-pal, Hank Beukema, aka The Reverend Mr. Buckman. A former ramblin', gamblin', rounder, Hank today lives in Nyack, NY, where he is attending night classes, still hoping one day to be a full-fledged High Stool Graduate.



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