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Larry Hosford: Me: I have been a fixture on the California Central Coast music scene since 1961. Salinas: my home town. The Outsiders, E-Types, Snail, Fly By Night: the groups with whom I have been associated. Shelter, Warner Brothers: my record labels. Singing/songs: my life.


My music is usually called country rock, but I feel our material expands the boundaries of that term. I have worked with scores of excellent area musicians over the years, literally, from every field. The diversity I've enjoyed shows in this group's depth and range. Folk songs, cumbias, blues, rock, lounge, pop, calypso, Country & Mexican, Urban & Western, Rhythm & Broadway -- it's all there.



The current configuration of The Larry Hosford Band has been together for several years now, though I've worked with its members separately on many occasions, for many years. In addition to myself, the basic 4-5 man group, in varying combinations, usually consists of:


Ken Kraft: A rock guitar icon and vocalist from Santa Cruz. A founder there of the pioneering party band, Snail, Ken is possessed of a bombshell imagination. As applied to my songs, his grin-evoking skills routinely display a confident originality far beyond the pale of "Country Rock". I've known and worked with Ken for over thirty years, and he well exemplifies John Greenleaf Whittier's line: "Time is the test, old friends are best."


Jeff Cruse: If Ken's not around, no problem. I met Jeff in 1984 when he was fresh out of the Guitar Institute of Technology in Los Angeles. He is loaded with music genes: his father Lile Cruse is the head of the world-renowned Cabrillo College Jazz program. A triple-Leo raised on hard-core be-bop and esoteric improv aces, Jeff was himself inspired by speedy rockin' blues pickers such as Alvin Lee of the band 10 Years After. You might think such a background would be incompatible with my front porch stuff, but you would be wrong. Quite. Some time ago he moved to Denver to shake what Lile called his "Bix Beiderbecke syndrome." That did come to pass and now he is back, better than ever.


Charlie Wallace: I have no idea where Charlie came from - heaven, I guess. He just showed up one day and started playing along. I tell you, I have a gift for gifted pickers. Oh, I know he hails from Long Island, New York, for which I call him The King of Country & Eastern, and that he now lives near Monterey, CA, but none of that explains his amazing grasp and deep knowledge of good ol' down home music. Right rather, it kinda unexplains it. His gal Gail has the most comprehensive collection of C&W vinyl this side of the Smithsonian - that factoid might have something to do with it. Howsoever it came to pass, be it pedal steel, lap steel, dobro, or guitar, Charlie has got it down. 


Jonny Troutner: Handsome Harpin' Jonny is a regular at the Britannia Arms and comes along for other gigs here and there as well. The Harpster has his own group, namely, Harpin' Jonny & The Primadons, and I sang a couple of tunes for his CD, which is aptly called, "Harpin' Around". You might want to check out that bit of goodness right here. He is a fine player, a good guy, a former All-Star shortstop, and has a very pretty girlfriend. These things count. Best of all, I have never seen this fella get angry.


Rebecca Romijn: Rebecca is not in my band, but isn't she lovely?  I would, however, let Rebecca sit in with my band if you bring her by. We already have the tambourine. I have been assured by one of her aunts that she has visited Salinas and had a fine time there, so what's to say? Those are good enough credentials for this guy.


Jerry Bradley: Jerry has been with us for about five years. He's a fine player and singer. And a fast study? Man! Jerry learns songs in mid-air. Too, he has played with so many show biz hot rods I can't even tell you about it. You would think 'twas jive. These days he lives with his family and a 1949 Chevy fastback midst the California redwoods in Boulder Creek, 'bout halfway up the Santa Cruz Mountains. The pic shows him with one of his 50/60-some primo bass guitars.


Mike Pupo: From Boulder Creek by way of Massachusetts, my Yankee Doodle drummer boy is the heartbeat of this group, steady, dynamic, and always right on time. A super-great friend, Mike is good at a lot of things, cabinetry to computerdom. Lucky too. Casino owners hate when he drops by. I've been making music with him since 1992, and he always aims to please; does it just the way I like it. Mike totes barges, lifts bales, books gigs, keeps us all sorted out, keeps us laughing -- he is, as I say, good at a lot of things.



The Larry Hosford Band is a genuine Monterey Bay music machine, stand up, sit down, or dance. I assure you, while not everything to everyone, it certainly has something for everybody.


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