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I was asked, in the interests of good public relations, to encapsulate the lives of my skillful little co-troupers. At first I refused, thinking they were to be arrested. Now assured otherwise, it becomes my distinct pleasure to put down what little I know.




LHMT.jpg (46129 bytes)LARRY HOSFORD: If, as is said, we are products of our environment, in this case Salinas, CA,  I myself am a delectable, multi-ingredient salad of either Okie or Mexican extraction--a roughage and tough guy (if what we eat, beefsteak and spuds). I am a flatlander, though a mere gull's hop from the mountains of the matchless Pacific coast. Scenery-wise, I am a world-class thing to see. A native son, and Salinas High graduate, 1961, I have been pursuing my musical muse since that very summer. Down a crooked road I've come a crooked way, and with an abundance of understatement, will now quote Shake-speare: "Yes, I have gained my experience."


TAELEN THOMAS: Taelen grew from infancy to early manhood in total obscurity. Nothing is known. It was his destiny, said his parents, having hidden him away. It is rumored he emerged full grown one day from a Michigan blizzard into the sunshine near Carmel.  His anonymity seemed complete, as even Taelen himself could remember very little of his younger days.  In a search for his identity many roles assumed him. Some were well-known. Steinbeck, London, MacArthur, and Frank James was he, but Alcibiades, Stanley Ketchel, George Westinghouse, and T.S. Eliot also haunted his persona.  Oddly enough, these people, in becoming real again in him, all appeared to be a natural part of whoever he was (which is still unknown), so you figure it out. Me, I think he is a great guys.


BILL INGRAM: Billy-boy is a Carmel Valley native whose progenitors came to California before the grizzlies. It was the Ingrams who designed and directed construction of all the local missions, presidios, and historic adobes. No, really. And they...what? Oh. Pardon me...now I'm told this is palpably inaccurate. LHMT@ Bay.JPG (11173 bytes)Anyway, to be an Ingram in Carmel Valley is somewhat redundant, and I'll say that again. His Native American name is "Sho-me-kee", which translates to "Music-to-ear". Bill is an excellent vocalist and instrumentalist, and he sings and picks good too. He's sage, manly, and handsome, an ambivalent hedonist, and his sister is the coolest gal in the valley. But that's a charming tale of divergent sort.


PAT MAHONEY: Pat is an amazing Carmel Valley fiddler of note, (ho, ho: Shake-speare again), a musician of great depth and range. Besides which, his heart is pure, and he plays for love and inspiration, not crass commercialism. We are most fortunate that he loves John Steinbeck, and was inspired to join our troupe. Yet one glance his way will invoke all too confirmable suspicions -- Pat is a party beast who suffers from "grasshopper syndrome" just when the world needs more ants. His rowdy type is, in show-biz, an occupational hazard. Still, he is loved.


BILL SULLIVAN: Bill blew out to Monterey Bay from a "nice little burg in Nebraska" He claims it was the fringes of Dorothy's tornado in Kansas that impelled him to our shores, but most scholars doubt this. LHMT@ Cottage.jpg (60006 bytes)Then again, he is brave, smart, and does have a heart, if not red shoes. Bill took one look at the big bass in his neighbor's little string band, and forthwith became the Carmel Valley staff bassist. Music cannot be made in that part of the world without his presence. Even tonight the village there is doubtless dimmed and still while we are happy to bask here in his light.


MIKE PUPO: "Scoop" Pupo, investigative reporter, is a Massachusetts lad, the son of Jim Reeves' most ardent fan, Arlo Guthrie's neighbor Dan. Despite his daddy's big-stick-inflicted country music lessons, he was one day charmed away from the farm, and wound up in sunny Cal in a hot tub full of heavy metal chickadees, crying "#!@* a buncha hillbillies!"  He'd probably be in a home for old passť fad freaks by now had he not been pulled from a wicked whirlpool of s--, d----,and R--- &R--- by me, his hero. I recognized a still-extant spark of civility in his basically good heart when I first asked him to bar-ump-a--pum-pum his drum a trifle quieter--and he did! He's a swell fellow, though there's them as say he could pick his heroes more circumspectly.




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