"High On Livin"

I am a guy who, should I ever get around to it, would make a fine member of the Procrastinators Club. Presidential level, perhaps. "High On Livin'" was begun in 1987 and 'finished' in 1988. I thereupon took the tapes home and shelved them in a cool, dry climate. Then, this, that ... first thing you know its 2007. 

Anyway, in '87 I set up shop at Ken Capitanich's M.usic A.rts R.ecording S.tudio in Aptos, CA, and laid down the basic tracks with three great Santa Cruz musicians I'd known for years, viz, Jeff Cruse, Duane Sousa, and Jimmy Norris: lead guitar, bass, and drums. I then called a few more whizbangs, because in Santa Cruz whizbangs are good news. Burnin' Ernie Hagar carted in his inimitable pedal steel. Norton Buffalo kicked in several, as always, smokin' harp licks, and a Spanish language vocal to boot. Bob Brozman, this world's greatest National Steel practitioner, signed up. Dale Mills came by with a bunch of take one woodwinds. Peter Hicks added some fine fiddlin', and Gene Barnholt his ten-fingered keyboard skills. Sweet Sara Pond, Sandy Bradford, and various others ("You could look it up." - Casey Stengel) contributed quite delightful harmony vocals. The resultant music, as one might well expect from a California Okie-Upon-Ocean, came out plenty country, and extremely western.

Then, like I say, I went home and waited to get around to it. Now I have. Also, in response to an ongoing litany of requests that my tunes "Hitchhiking In Guyana" and "Salinas" might somehow make their way from the world's most obscure single onto a CD, presto: they have both been digitally remixed and remastered for inclusion here as bonus tracks. I again thank all those who were involved in this project, in particular, at this point, recording engineers John Nowland and the ever-energetic Charlie McGovern, for their ability to unscramble, digitize, and reassemble these songs into a usable CD format.


Okie-dokie, click the titles down there for some serious song samplin' Oh, yes,  I am serious ...



  1: High On Livin'

  2: Talk Is Cheap

  3: Dateline: Stateline

  4: Ben Henry

  5: Susie

  6: My New Song

  7: Shade Tree Fix-It Man

  8: Cowboys And Incas

  9: February Weather

10: Alla En El Rancho Grande

11: I Just Want To Dance With You

12: Starving Heart

13: Highballin'

14: Hitchhiking In Guyana

15: Salinas



Happy to say that "High On Livin'" is now available from the fine folks at Miles of Music, purveyors of hot country-rockin', folkified, twangsided, bluegrassy Americana of every tripeless stripe. Click 'em up. Browse like a colt in clover.



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