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Ann Hughes, Lacy J. Dalton, Phoebe Snow

I am using this page to tell you about certain pals & gals of my musical acquaintance, and I have sure got a few. Take a look  at this little Super Trio, for example. On the left is Ann Hughes (aka Mrs. Pat Hubbard), who sang on my first two LPs as a member of my backing group, Fly By Night. If you have ever heard my tune, If I Could Talk As Fast As I Think, well, that's Ann, dueting away with me. Being a former Santa Cruz, California gal, she is naturally friends with Lacy J. Dalton in the middle there, with whom she has also worked for many years. That is Phoebe Snow at stage right, a New Yorker who has popped up at a lot of Lacy's shows: they are all songbirds of a feather, y'know?

Now, I can't tell you just what they're working on here, but I'd sure like to hear it. Either one of them might pleasantly drown you in vocal honey, or, conversely, with a mighty blast of her own making, have spared Joshua all that bugle ado at Jericho. Great voices: I wouldn't want to follow any of these women at a guitar pull!

Ann is in Colorado these days, I believe, Lacy in Nevada, promoting the cause of the wild horses there, and Phoebe -- well, I can't rightly say. If you find out let me know. My producer for those aforesaid first two LPs was the same cat who produced her super-great debut album that went gold the minute it hit the streets, and I think that makes me like a relative or somethin'. I'll look her up...


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