"It seems more than coincidence that country singer/songwriter Larry Hosford shares a hometown with John Steinbeck. With his earthy songs of working-class struggle, the Salinas-born Hosford would have been at home in a Steinbeck novel. Beginning his musical career playing folk music on Cannery Row, Larry played in various area bands through the 1960s and 70s, most notably the fondly remembered Santa Cruz band, Snail. Those experiences plus a rueful stint as a recording artist in LA and Nashville and years steeped in the drug subculture have provided Lorenzo with ample material for his memoirs, being written in the town that shares a name with Larry's most famous country song ... 'Salinas'. Where else?"


------- aka Lorenzo -------


Where else, indeed?  Hi. I'm Larry Hosford, aka Lorenzo. And while it's true I am from Salinas out in sunny Cal, and the Central Coast area in general, I clipped that little bit of news up there from The Santa Cruz County Sentinel. This is meet and fit, as Santa Cruz and its environs have been my musical headquarters for most of my musical life. Is there some sort of art in you? You should be so lucky as to live in such a magnificent locale imbued with such a creative atmosphere. We get to do it our way in Surf City.


Do bear in mind now, that I am not a surfer - can't even swim across a bath tub. I do love to look at water, though, and I am really good at that. And a sunny beach? Basking? World class. Ah, life is great here that way, yet subtly exciting, and richly privileged. Admit it -- when California falls into the ocean, I've got a front-row seat.


The seat I'm using in the clickable pic alongside is just above nearby New Brighton Beach and is shown as it exists on "High On Livin'", my here and now, proudly announced new CD. It contains 13 tunes you have never heard (by me, anyway - three of them were written by others), and, in the form of bonus tracks, two you might have. They are "Hitchhiking In Guyana", and "Salinas", formerly available only on a very obscure 45 RPM single.


I say "Hitchhiking In Guyana",  and "Salinas", folks, for which, over the years, there have been many, many inquiries regarding CD versions. However so slowly, we do aim to please. 


Well, sir (as my daddy would say), I could carry on about this project, and on, and on, and my accountants do suggest that I straightaway proceed to the music. Others, visitors to the site, have suggested that I, "make it easy" to find the music. Even Shake-speare suggested, "Less matter, more music." Or something similar. To facilitate things for those in search of the lost chords, I will utilize the hyper-concept of multiple redundant doorways, i.e., lots of links to the same place, starting here:


CDs Thisaway!!!


This site is now PayPal enabled, BTW. The newbie, "High On Livin'", if you haven't yet clicked the pic, gets its own page right here.


Hope that helps. Mainly, I just wanted to welcome you here to my site and proffer the obligatory, "Excuse the mess." My website's (always) under construction, but you can email me any old time you might wish. That part works, and barring my being away or PC-hassled, I'll get back to you reasonably soon thereafter. Meanwhile, here we go...



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